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Satisfying Music Enthusiasts in Colorado Springs since 1994.
Bill & Carol are Awesome! I used to see Bill play back in the day at the old Laura Belles and he greatly inspired me as a GUITARIST! His knowledge is 2nd to none on music gear and customer service. And, Carol and Bill are all around good people! Rock On!
- Jimmy
Bill is the only dude I will allow to set up my bass. Fair, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Good friends to me and many in the music community.
- Bob
Carol & Bill are just the best!
- Ken
Can't find a better repair place or music store with awesome customer service anywhere, and I've traveled the entire U.S. playing music, working in music stores in sales, and as a certified guitar tech for several top brands. Bill and Carol treat you like family and I highly recommend them. Also, Jeff, are you kidding me - amazing guy. If you can't play it after they've worked on it, you are in the wrong biz or need a new hobby!
- Carolyn
Last week I brought my two acoustic guitars into your store for a tune-up. Wow! What a difference! Really, they sound and feel better than new -- no, really! To me it was worth every penny. The repair work that was done to repair a gouge on the side of the neck on one of the guitars is excellent and is now hard to see unless you actually search for it. You ALL do great work. You went above and beyond to make me feel welcome as a new customer and friend. Thank you.
- Mike