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Enhancing Guitar performance in Colorado Springs for 22 years!
Our qualified staff takes the time to carefully inspect and complete guitar repairs, re-stringing, fret dressing, electrical repairs and set-up. Music Central in Colorado Springs, CO, will repair your guitar and set it up to perfection. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service that you can trust.

Guitar Repair

Music Central offers many levels of guitar repair and set-up.
A string change entails cleaning and oiling the fingerboard and replacing the strings. You may opt to include truss rod adjustment and fret polishing.
Basic set-up includes cleaning and oiling the fingerboard, truss rod adjustment, addressing the nut (filling or filing nut slots as needed), string change, intonation and final set-up.
Deluxe set-up includes basic set-up work plus leveling, crowning and polishing the frets and milling the fret ends.
We refret guitars, offering both partial and complete refretting.
We offer electronics troubleshooting and repair on guitars and basses. We replace pots, switches, jacks, do re-wiring, install pickup systems, and create "hot rod mods."
We repair fractures, cracks, and many other guitar issues such as bridges lifting away from the body. If you believe your guitar is unrepairable, bring it in for an evaluation before you throw it away!

Fretwork – Understanding the Basics

Many people don't realize the value of a well set-up guitar. Guitars do not arrive from the factory professionally set-up to play at their optimum. Wood is, as Carol says, the "most alive dead thing there is" and it reacts to humidity (and the lack thereof), temperature and even altitude. Colorado is a very dry state, and once guitars have lived here for awhile, the wood will shrink and react to our climate.
One of the results of this drying out and shrinking process is noticeable on the fretboard, where the frets will protrude from the edges of the neck. They are very sharp and make your guitar uncomfortable to play. Sharp fret ends are one of our pet peeves! We expertly mill them until they are smooth and comfortable to the touch.
Another all too common result of wood drying and shrinking may cause a serious issue which, if not properly addressed, can make your guitar unplayable. This shrinkage occurs more severly below the body joint (where the neck joins the body of the guitar) than it does above this point. We refer to this as the "Colorado Hump". This can cause your guitar to "buzz" below the body joint, or, in severe cases, your guitar will play the same note over several frets. Many guitar warranty stations and repair facilities address this problem by adding shims to the bridge saddle or by adding a taller bridge saddle as this is a quick and easy fix. However, this repair method, while eliminating the "buzz", also makes your guitar more difficult to play as it increases the action, which is the space between the fingerboard and the strings. Electric guitars, especially those with bolt-on necks, exhibit a similar problem, known as "tongue rise" where the body end of the neck "ramps" up, also causing buzzing and choking notes on bends. Our repair department is skilled in addressing this issue with precise fret leveling followed by crowning and polishing the frets.
Music Central's repair department staff, with twenty years of experience, skill, and the love of optimal-performing guitars, attract both professional and amateur guitarists, some from hundreds of miles away.
Our repair department has earned its reputation as the premier guitar repair facility in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area by providing excellent craftsmanship, fair pricing and timely service.