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Learn more about our staff at Music Central in Colorado Springs, CO, and all the guitar services we offer; including guitar purchases, repairs and lessons! We have everything you need so you can start enjoying your guitar and gear sooner!

About Music Central

MUSIC CENTRAL is the brainchild of Bill St. John and is the culmination of his lifetime of music experience. Bill knew he would make music his life's work and did so by playing and performing music since childhood, and realized a couple of decades ago he wanted to own a music store, as well. Years of experience working in retail music gave him a very clear idea about what he wanted - and what he didn't. Carol became Bill's life and business partner a few years later and together they run Music Central. Integrity and customer service top their list of priorities, along with getting to know their clients personally, and particularly love matching the right client with the right gear.
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Offering More Than Guitars

Bill and Carol genuinely care about their customers and their gear. They live by the Golden Rule by treating them - as well as the people in their personal lives - as they would want to be treated. The fact that most of their customers have become close friends is a great testimonial to their characters. This philosophy of kindness and fairness has sustained and grown their business for 20 years.

All Guitars are valuable!

Every instrument at Music Central is set up either by Bill himself or by one of his highly qualified technicians, before it hits the sales floor. The least expensive guitars receive the same TLC that is given to the most valuable ones. This gives Bill and Carol's clients the opportunity to excel on their instrument rather than to become discouraged and stop playing merely because their guitar wasn't set up properly to begin with. Music Central offers repairs and set-up services, ranging from minor “tweaks” to a complete tune-up or major repair. Bill and Carol always take the time to help their clients understand their instrument and how is interacts with their other gear.
Bill St. John, Music Central, Colorado Springs CO

Bill St. John

Bill St. John is the backbone of Music Central and the driving force behind the business. Bill keeps a hectic schedule, in order to personally attend to his customers and their gear. He befriends everyone who stops in, and amazes people with his incredible memory. Bill is generous with his encyclopedic knowledge of guitars, drums and electronic gear, and is quick to teach a new chord, a new riff, how to run a soundboard or change your guitar strings...or just about anything else you'd like to know. Bill works in the repair department, as well, putting years of experience and his impeccable, exacting standards into the guitars he repairs, sets up and services.

Passion for Music

Bill became impassioned with music as a very young boy. He began on drums at the age of ten, consistently holding the “first chair” drummer position in his school band and winning many awards along the way. In his teens he decided to challenge his potential and picked up a guitar. He became an accomplished guitarist and vocalist in no time, and has worked a band ever since. Bill considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to play with many amazing and talented musicians in the Colorado Springs area and all along the Front Range.
Carol St. John, Music Central, Colorado Springs CO

Carol St. John

Carol St. John manages Music Central alongside Bill. Carol brings a love of people, many years of experience working with the public, as well as her love of music to her work. Carol, like Bill, began her musical career at a very young age. The daughter of a singer/guitarist, she began to sing, or so the story goes, at about the same time she began to talk. She started playing rhythm guitar around the age of 11, and added bass guitar to her arsenal a couple of years later. She played in her Dad's band for many years and then fronted her own band. Carol and Bill have played in bands together off and on since the early '80's.


Verolen Kersey

Verolen Kersey is one of the most talented musicians we have ever had the pleasure to meet. He played for many years in the Air Force Band, and has since been a member of several other exceptionally good bands. He is currently the bassist for the Flying W Wranglers and plays in a couple of other entourages. Verolen is highly accomplished on several instruments including; guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, piano and tuba. He is one of the kindest people we know and goes the extra mile to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for.

Playing Your Guitar

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